What vitamins are there for men?

Often, many people forget that, despite the fact that men are considered the strong half of humanity, they also need to maintain immunity Men endure diseases, stress is much worse than women, are more likely to be subject to depression and nervous breakdowns, if you add to all this the fact that a man is mainly responsible for the house, the well-being of the family, success in work-it turns out that to maintain the body in the right form, a whole complex of vitamins for men is needed. The lack of necessary vitamins in men leads to difficulties in sexual life, general weakness, unwillingness to do anything. It should also take into account the fact that men need much more vitamins and useful trace elements than women. Men burn a lot more calories than women, even if they don't lead a particularly active lifestyle.

Vitamin food

Naturally, the main part of vitamins we get with food, but still it is not enough, especially if we are talking about men who mostly prefer not quite healthy food. Men often overdo it with proteins and carbohydrates, and do not receive the necessary trace elements, which are concentrated in such products as greens, vegetables, fruits, dairy products. In addition, representatives of the stronger sex often eat on the go somehow, without thinking about the fact that the food eaten is not only not beneficial, but also harmful. Of course, the best vitamins for men are those vitamins that are obtained, so to speak, naturally, for example, through food. Let's look at what foods contain what vitamins

What vitamins are best for men? Vitamins of group A-these vitamins are responsible for all the mucous membranes of the body, as well as for the production of sex hormones. But when eating foods rich in this vitamin, you should be careful, since an overdose of group A vitamins is also dangerous, as is their lack. Carrots, dried apricots, tomatoes, and dairy products contain the most vitamins of this group.

B vitamins are responsible for sexual arousal, for the normal functioning of the nervous system (which is especially important for the stronger sex), for endurance and performance. B vitamins are also responsible for the supply of oxygen to the tissues of the body, it is due to this that a person has energy. With a lack of these vitamins, a person has a weakness and unwillingness to do anything. B vitamins have a feature that does not linger in the body, so to make up for lost vitamins, they should be consumed every day. Sugar, alcohol, and nicotine neutralize these vitamins. Therefore, especially in men, there is a lack of them. To get a daily allowance of vitamins of this group, you should eat liver, whole grain bread, cereals.

Vitamins of group E occupy a separate niche on the shelf of vitamins useful for men. Vitamin E for men is the main vitamin in the work of the sex glands, muscle tissue and sexual activity. With a lack of this vitamin, potency and desire decrease. To get the necessary amount of vitamins per day, you should eat a little cereals, liver and peas.

Group C vitamins are the most harmless vitamins, since they can be taken in any amount, even if you simultaneously take food rich in other vitamins. It is thanks to this vitamin that it is possible to maintain male strength for many years, not to lose the gained muscle mass. When taking vitamins of group C with vitamins of group E, muscle mass in men is gained much faster. Various trace elements, such as magnesium, iron, and calcium, are also very important.

Vitamin complexes for men

And yet, no matter how much we would like to do only with the vitamins that nature gives us, it is often impossible to maintain the necessary vitamin balance without drinking a course of vitamins. It is very important when choosing such courses to correctly calculate the dosage and take vitamins correctly. The best option for men is to consult a doctor who will help you choose the necessary complex, depending on the characteristics of the body, as well as taking into account the weaknesses. But you can also do without consultations by purchasing a pharmacy complex designed specifically for your type. Now there are a huge number of vitamin complexes that are designed for different types of men: for teenagers, vitamins for men for conception, mature, aging, vitamins for men after 40, etc. You just need to buy the right complex and drink it, thereby daily receiving all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

As a result, it is quite difficult to say which vitamins are better, more important and more useful for men, everything depends specifically on the body and the pace of life. But still, any man needs a full complex of vitamins to maintain true masculine strength.